Sunday, April 12, 2009

Getting started...

So...I find myself unemployed and trying to justify my existence whilst my wonderful partner supports me- and my son and my dog and my cat!?
I was a lecturer in banking and finance law- but found that my lack of the evil gene inhibited my career prospects- that and the fact that I just wasn't great at the politics side of academia.
I've taught thousands of  law students (literally hundreds) and seen that the vast majority of them haven't had the exposure to simple/handmade stuff- thinking along the lines of veggies from the backyard, handknitted scarves and beanies, preserves etc.
Now that I'm poor- and I think there may be some other 'newly poor' people out there- I believe that it's important to think laterally.....
I got to thinking and arrived at the notion that we need to re-learn some basic skills: cooking, gardening, sewing, knitting.

OK- so that's my manifesto (maybe)
Ideas, patterns and musings to follow...


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